Portals to Presence

Integrate the Medicine of Presence


Guided by Ena Vie

Do you feel overwhelmed by your busy mind?

Are you stressed and anxious about your work, home life, and/or relationships?

Are you confused about your purpose or your place within your community?

Do you feel stagnant in the pain of your past or feel limited in your personal growth?

Welcome to
“Portals to Presence”

A LIVE Online Membership Course

A Personal Message From Ena Vie

Our breath is our superpower. It is through the awareness of our breath in each moment that we awaken from the suffering and illusion of separation. As we discover tools that support us to live our lives in the fullest way possible, we awaken to deeper layers of pain, deeply held beliefs that keep us isolated and lonely. It is easy to get lost in the jungle of our minds. I need the daily reminder to return to the breath, the body and to this present moment. This often sounds like a cliche. Because our minds often say, yeah, yeah, be present, I know. But the application and integration of this in our daily lives is where the rubber meets the road. It’s where we awaken to the truth of the present moment while observing the stories of our minds for what they are: stories, judgments, criticism and illusions. Portals to Presence is an opportunity to awaken to the moment, come home to the truth of what we are and apply the tools of awakening to our daily lives.

“When we take the time to honor the sacred within the moment, a deepening happens. We begin to recognize the stillness within, in this place there is no thought, just being, presence. We know it to be who and what we are.”

Ena Vie

The Inspiration for
“Portals to Presence”

Portals to Presence began in 2020, as a response to the global shutdown from Covid. What began as a small gathering of participants seeking a container to practice tools to strengthen presence in the midst of deep fear and confusion, grew into a community of people committed to cultivating everyday skills and practices to face each moment empowered and alive. I share the insights and tools I use in my own life, to help us all overcome the obstacles of our minds and suffering of our patterns. Each monthly theme is born out a need to strengthen our attention, take us beyond the thinking mind and the heaviness of the challenges of life and return us to our essence. The accessible tools and practices are constructed to be practically and easily applied in our typical daily routines. In Portals to Presence, you will discover a deeper sense of who and what you are, and experience an acceleration of awakening while appreciating the joy and beauty of being alive.

In Portals to Presence, you are invited to:

Discover Who and What you really Are

Go beyond the mind as the GPS for living and awaken to the truth of your essence.

Let Go of Suffering - Gain Tools of Awareness in Daily Life

When we live for the future or are dragging the pain of our past into our present, we suffer. Discover how the practice of Stop | Pause | & Breathe can transform your daily life.

Connect with Nature, Within and All Around You

The illusion of separation is powerful, and this illusion impacts how we engage with life. Awaken to the truth that transforms us in the most profound way, that we are as extraordinary as the phenomena of nature. Discover what opens our hearts to deep peace, joy, love, wisdom, trust and gratitude.

Stay Connected with Your Essence - Experience Peace

How do we stay sane and peaceful in a culturally toxic world? There’s more to life than what our culture or the mind’s ideas, beliefs and concepts tell us. Go deeper, beyond the personality and identity to discover the essential connection to the truth of who and what we are. Awaken to more joy, more connection, more beauty, and more truth.

Cultivate and awaken your essence with the
grounded in the present moment.

Before I became aware of how identified I was/am with my mind and the practice of present-moment awareness, I spent many years suffering from depression, anxiety and fear. Many days or weeks I was debilitated and unable to engage in what I love because I was so deeply burdened by the pain and suffering from my childhood, the limiting beliefs I held as truths and the conditioning of my culture, religious institutions and upbringing. I felt so disconnected, unhappy, lost and without a purpose. I struggled to not only find my place in life, I also struggled with finding a reason to be here.

When I discovered the healing power of plant medicine, I stepped into the doorway to a deeper discovery of presence. I experienced the breath and the aliveness of the body as part of nature, not outside of it. I saw, firsthand, that by observing and listening to each moment, I could be with what is arising instead of drowning in my suffering. This awareness of ‘being with what is’ brought me into a state of inner stillness. I began to let go of the pain of my past and the fear of the future and experienced meaning and connectedness with all of life. I went from living in constant fear and separation, depression and anxiety, to the joy of being alive. This opened my heart to experience deep peace, love, wisdom, trust and gratitude.

I am so passionate about this process as it has lifted me out of the deep well of suffering and continues to illuminate my path, each day and each moment. I am grateful to meet you here as we practice the integration of awareness into daily life within this deeply powerful and growing community. In this group, we discover and remember that we are held in love and that we are the deep well of presence.

With love and gratitude –

Ena Vie

“Portals to Presence”

Integrate the Medicine of Presence

Who is this Membership for?

People Seeking a Spiritual Connection
Are you seeking more meaning and purpose in your life? Are you lacking connection to the world around you and within you? This practice is a welcome oasis to those who are tired of seeking. The simple tools and accessible teachings are here for you no matter where you are at in life.

Advanced students in the practice of Presence
Many students of present moment awareness have benefitted from the refreshing approach that Ena shares within the teachings and guided meditations. This is an opportunity for those who want deepen their practice and return to beginner’s mind. In this practice, utilizing the experience of your practice will assist you as you gain new perspectives.

Anyone Who Is Suffering & Feels Stuck
Life can often seem overwhelming, and our pain and struggles can feel like they are too powerful to overcome. Ena has walked a long road of deep emotional and mental suffering and brings to you, through this practice, tools that she has learned and acquired from other guides and teachers to help you in your journey to awakening.

Practitioners, healers, therapists from all traditions
Many practitioners, healers and therapists often share with others the powerful practice of present moment awareness and the healing energy that is presence, life. And – those who give – also need a place to come and receive and replenish from the vast well of stillness.

What People Are Saying

What You’ll Learn & Experience
in this Live Membership Course

Monthly Themes to support you to go deeper into your practice

Examples of Some Themes


Evolving Through Challenges

  1. Life is full of challenges. How do we face them? Do we accept them for what they are or do we resist them?
  2. If we are caught in the resistance and judgment of what is arising, then the challenges of life will seem like a personal attack, we may feel like a victim or constantly feel disempowered and hopeless.
  3. The challenges of life do not come from the outside, they come from the inside.


Manifestation and Creativity

  1. How do we create a better world?
  2. Our actions, words and thoughts are powerful forms of creativity
  3. Learning to not participate in the craziness of the world and begin to change the world beginning from within
  4. The help that we bring is love – the inseparable connection with all of life is what will create, and manifest a new way of living and transform the world


Finding Freedom from Fear

  1. Fear diminishes our experience of life. When we practice awareness, we gently step outside of self-criticism, we transform negativity and radically change our response to fear with the power of presence.
  2. When I put my full attention on the inner energy field of the body, there is an invitation to step out of the grip of fear.
  3. I become aware that I am being taken over by fear, this awareness redirects my attention from thinking to the present moment.
  4. I awaken from a nightmare of suffering and experience freedom.


Making Peace with Uncertainty

  1. How do we embrace fear and uncertainty? Especially when the fear is acute and visceral?
  2. How can we respond to what is happening with loving presence instead of fear?
  3. We are here to bring compassion to what is arising within us.
  4. We are here to experience what is happening with the courage to open our hearts and be present to life as it is unfolding.

Membership Bonuses

“When I align awareness with the breath, I accept the invitation to be fully here, in the moment.
Presence is alive within this moment, for it is all we truly have.
Everything else is a conceptual story of the past or the future.”

Ena Vie

Your Guide on this Journey

A lifelong mystic, musician, spiritual guide and plant medicine practitioner, producer, writer and mama to her 7 year old son, Ena has supported and empowered individuals and communities for over two decades toward healing and thriving in service to life within us all.

She is passionate about realizing who and what we are through
the practice of awakening within each moment. She is equally as passionate about revealing the truth of what is, through the clarity of presence, radical compassion, transparency in sharing her own realizations and listening to the truth within each moment. She creates a safe and welcoming space for others to explore their own healing and awakening.

Ena continues to learn from life, plant medicine, taoism, shamanism, kabbalah, metaphysics, buddhism, Jungian Psychology, meditation and the yoga of breath – present moment awareness. She received her MA in Indigenous Science from Naropa University in 2003.

In March 2020, Ena Vie, inspired by her community, began Portals to Presence, an online monthly membership program that offers teachings, community support and engagement, tools for awakening and online retreats.