Portal to Integration

Medicine is the Experience, Integration is The Journey

Guided by Dr. Howard Lipp

Have you encountered challenges in integrating your psychedelic experiences?

Do you yearn to break free from limiting beliefs and embrace a life of lasting freedom?

Have you noticed that despite powerful psychedelic experiences, old patterns tend to resurface over time?

Welcome to
“Portal to Integration”

An Online Membership Course

A Personal Message From Dr. Howard Lipp

When it comes to addiction, The truth of it is, we’re suffering. We find something that takes away the suffering for a moment. Whether it’s a drink, a drug, sex, or work, we find something that takes away that feeling, even if for a moment, that there’s something wrong with me.

That’s what I’m going to pursue every time I feel like there’s something wrong with me at that moment, right? The problem happens when I can’t stop choosing the pain relief when it stops working. I offer what I have learned from unwinding a head full of over-intellectualized Western industrialized, conditioned, profit-driven disconnection from life and nature that has helped me find my authentic self and a connection to life and the magic of being here.

In Portal to Integration, you are invited to:

Discover The True Nature of Addiction

Stop believing every thought you have and recognize that you are not your thinking mind. When we believe every thought we have and are convinced our thinking mind is us, we suffer. The addictive urge is driven by the mind.

Take Control Of Your Mind - Learn Tools Of Awareness In Daily Life

Learn simple, easy-to-use tools and practices to take back control from your mind.

Say Goodbye To Feeling Broken

Our separation from our authentic nature is a powerful illusion that impacts every aspect of life. Awaken to the truth of your authentic self. Discover the magnificence that is you.

Live Your Authentic Life - Discover Stillness

Once we say goodbye to our false self, we can experience life authentically. Go deeper, beyond the personality and identity to discover the essential connection to the truth of who and what we are.

“The great mystery is present everywhere. It's not out there. It's not up there. It's in me; it's in you. It's in everything. That helped me connect to authenticity, which helped release the need to medicate, to stop feeling and thinking.”

Dr. Howard Lipp

The Inspiration for
“Portal to Integration"

I struggled for years with depression, anxiety, and substance use. I tried therapeutic modalities, pharmaceuticals, and more alternative therapies than you can imagine. I worked 12 steps and read that my problem was a defective character and a moral failing and I could have a daily reprieve by the grace of a higher power that would heal my brokenness. I knew something was fundamentally wrong, and now I had the answer. Yet I saw people who worked the program diligently for decades still suffering. I knew that freedom wasn’t there. I was introduced to psychedelic plant medicine by sober friends who found healing with the plants. The idea scared me but I was desperate. I took the journey. It was like nothing I experienced before. I could see my mind as separate and not me. I could feel the connection to nature and to life. I realized that this observer, this presence that could see my mind, was me. I’m not the voice in my head, I am something much deeper than that. This thought had been rattling in my head since the family group therapist wrote it on a whiteboard: “You can never outperform your self-image” I remembered that Henry Ford said something similar: “Whether you believe you can or you believe you can’t, either way, you are right” I believed I was broken. As long as I believed that, nothing would heal me. The day before my first journey I had coffee with a friend. In our conversation, he said whatever is going on in your mind, look down at your feet and remember you are here now. It reminded me of the Tao.

I learned that when I am present, I can see my conditioned mind full of beliefs that cause suffering. I have freedom from being ruled by my mind. Over time I have learned how to challenge false beliefs and intervene in my reactivity. I know now that the essence of me cannot be flawed.  There’s nothing defective about me. It is only my mind which believes it is me that is flawed. My beliefs have been created by my mind, in order to fit in, in a culture, in a community, in a family, and in a nation where we are misguided as to what a human being truly is. I have defective adaptations for living, I am not a defective character. That is a very significant distinction. It takes me out of the broken beyond repair paradigm that kept me stuck. It led me through the portal to recovery.

My greatest joy is sharing what I’ve learned. It has helped me and countless others find freedom from suffering. I truly love watching people soar as they drop their suffering, find their authentic self and live life on life’s terms.

I look forward to exploring this space of integration with you,

Dr. Howard Lipp

Portal to Integration
Medicine is the Experience,
Integration is the Journey

Who is this Membership for?

People Seeking Integration
I have a mind that will not stop. There’s a loud voice and a quiet one. The loud voice is constantly judging and criticizing me and others. When I’m triggered by anything it creates a firestorm of fear about some future, or a stream of negative self-talk, limiting beliefs, angry reactions, resentments, and criticisms of me or others. I don’t know how to make it stop. It gets in the way of everything. I needed something to make it stop briefly. Only the answer became more of a problem. I’m lost and suffering in the jungle of my mind. My mind is running my life into a wall. I need to find a way to change my mind.

Advanced Students of Psychedelics & Consciousness
While seeking answers to what was wrong with me a therapist said: “You can never outperform your self-image” Henry Ford said: “Whether you believe you can or you believe you can’t, either way you are right”  I couldn’t deny it. I had an answer that made sense. My mind is the problem, my beliefs are the problem.

Anyone Who Is Suffering
Life can often seem overwhelming, and our pain and struggles can feel like they are too powerful to overcome. Howard has walked a long road of recovery and healing and brings to you, through this practice, tools that he has learned and acquired from his own discoveries and healing to assist you in your journey of being recovered.

“When I processed my trauma, it changed my worldview. It changed my view of myself. I lived my entire life believing there was something wrong with me. And it wasn't until that started to shatter that I realized there was nothing wrong with me. It was my thinking.”

Dr. Howard Lipp

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Your Guide on this Journey
Dr. Howard Lipp

Dr. Howard Lipp came into this world with a need to know, and a mind to understand, how everything works. If you add equal parts musician, producer, inventor, engineer, psychonaut, and mystic to that beginning you get an insight into more of who he is. Howard’s true gift is an ability to take in many vast streams of information and distill the truth into simple terms anyone can understand. Howard has suffered from anxiety and depression that eventually led him to addiction. His awakening came when a therapist wrote something on a whiteboard that began unraveling his mental constructs and delusional thinking. “You can never outperform your self-image.”

Howard discovered psychedelic plant medicine and it changed everything. He discovered that this feeling of separateness and brokenness that lived in him was ubiquitous in recovery circles. Howard eventually came to know that this common wound is the result of our cultural dysfunction, not a personal failing. Howard is deeply passionate about helping people put down their suffering and live their most authentic life by stripping away all the dysfunction in our conditioned, patterned, indoctrinated, abused, mind-made self.

In 2022, Dr. Howard Lipp, inspired by his students, began Portal to Integration, an online monthly membership program that offers teachings, community support and engagement, and tools for Integration and awakening.