Portal to Integration

Medicine is the Experience, Integration is The Journey

Guided by Dr. Howard Lipp

Have you encountered challenges integrating your psychedelic experiences?

Have you noticed that despite powerful psychedelic experiences, old patterns tend to resurface over time?

Do you yearn to break free from going back again and again hoping this time that the feeling of wholeness and connection will stay?


Welcome to
“Portal to Integration”

An Online Membership Community

A Personal Message From Dr. Howard Lipp


I’m Dr. Howard S. Lipp, and I’m honored to be your guide on this transformative journey of self-discovery and integration. For over 20 years, I’ve walked the path of psychedelic exploration as a participant and a practitioner, navigating the depths of the human psyche and uncovering profound truths about integrating psychedelic experiences into daily life.

In our weekly integration workshop, it’s my passion to share the insights and practices that have helped me and countless others deconstruct their experience and use simple tools and practices to go even further.  Together, we’ll embark on a journey of healing and liberation, reclaiming our inherent wholeness and authenticity.

Join me as we dive deep into the experience to discover the essence of our being, finding stillness, peace, and freedom amidst the chaos of modern life. Let’s unravel the illusions of separation and rediscover the boundless love, creativity, and awareness that reside within each of us. Wholeness awaits.

I look forward to walking this path with you.

In Portal to Integration, you are invited to:

A Deep Self Exploration

Each week we embark on a journey of deep exploration into topics related to spirituality, psychedelics, and integration. From understanding the nature of consciousness to exploring the interconnectedness of all life, expect thought provoking discussions that inspire personal growth and transformation.

Take Control - Empower Your Evolution

Explore tools and practices designed to facilitate the integration of spiritual and psychedelic experiences into your daily life. Practice powerful tools that empower you to embody your insights and cultivate the true you. Use these tools to take your evolution even further

An Interactive Workshop Format

Interact and engage through teaching, discussion, and experiential practices, share your challenges, receive support and guidance, offer insights , and share wisdom on the journey in a supportive and nurturing environment where authentic connections are forged and deep healing occurs.

Live Your Authentic Life - Discover Stillness

Receive compassionate support, insightful teachings, gentle encouragement, and a supportive community to help you navigate the complexities of your integration and evolution with grace and resilience. Find stillness.

"Learning to be present has been the catalyst for my psychedelic integration and personal evolution, guiding me towards transcending conditioned patterns, embracing the fullness of my true self, and illuminating the path to integrating my experiences into wholeness.

Dr. Howard Lipp

The Inspiration for
“Portal to Integration"

Have you ever found yourself feeling a profound connection to your true self, only to feel it slip away once the ceremony ends? I know that feeling all too well. For years, I journeyed through sacred ceremonies searching for answers and coming out feeling whole and connected only to find it fades and longing for more.

In my journey of 36 years towards wholeness, I’ve uncovered a truth that I want to share with you. Our struggles, once believed to be unique, are shared experiences. At the core of this shared suffering lies disconnection—a disconnection from our true selves and from the pulsing life force that surrounds us.

I spent years sleepwalking through life, unaware of the patterns and beliefs that dictated my existence. But through learning to be present and plant medicine, I began to see that my sense of worth was built on external validation, shaped by societal norms and familial influences. I saw how I molded my identity and created a false sense of self around narrow constructs, chasing completion and validation to mask the pain of my perceived deficiency.

Beneath these layers of conditioning, I uncovered a profound interconnectedness with all life. I discovered that we are all expressions of the same consciousness connected to each other and to the Earth by our common origin. I found liberation  embracing the present moment, transcending ego and societal expectations to find my whole and complete self.

Now, I invite you to join me on a journey of integration—a journey where we take what we experienced in the psychedelic journey and dismantle ingrained beliefs and patterns to reclaim our inherent wholeness. In our weekly workshops, “Portal to Integration,” we explore themes, learn practical tools, and offer support and guidance to each other. Together, we navigate the illusions of separation and rediscover the boundless love, creativity, and awareness within us all.

We can reclaim our authenticity and reconnect with the essence of our being.

Dr. Howard Lipp

Portal to Integration
Medicine is the Experience,
Integration is the Journey

Who is this Membership for?

People Seeking Integration
I have a mind that will not stop. There’s a loud voice and a quiet one. The loud voice is constantly judging and criticizing me and others. When I’m triggered by anything it creates a firestorm of fear about some future, or a stream of negative self-talk, limiting beliefs, angry reactions, resentments, and criticisms of me or others. I don’t know how to make it stop. It gets in the way of everything. I needed something to make it stop briefly. Only the answer became more of a problem. I’m lost and suffering in the jungle of my mind. My mind is running my life into a wall. I need to find a way to change my mind.

Advanced Students of Psychedelics & Consciousness
While seeking answers to what was wrong with me a therapist said: “You can never outperform your self-image” Henry Ford said: “Whether you believe you can or you believe you can’t, either way you are right”  I couldn’t deny it. I had an answer that made sense. My mind is the problem, my beliefs are the problem.

Anyone Who Is Suffering
Life can often seem overwhelming, and our pain and struggles can feel like they are too powerful to overcome. Howard has walked a long road of recovery and healing and brings to you, through this practice, tools that he has learned and acquired from his own discoveries and healing to assist you in your journey of being recovered.

“When I processed my trauma, it changed my worldview. It changed my view of myself. I lived my entire life believing there was something wrong with me. And it wasn't until that started to shatter that I realized there was nothing wrong with me. It was my thinking.”

Dr. Howard Lipp

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Your Guide on this Journey
Dr. Howard Lipp

Dr. Howard Lipp came into this world with a need to know, and a mind to understand, how everything works. If you add equal parts musician, producer, inventor, engineer, psychonaut, and mystic to that beginning you get an insight into more of who he is. Howard’s true gift is an ability to take in many vast streams of information and distill the truth into simple terms anyone can understand. Howard has suffered from anxiety and depression that eventually led him to addiction. His awakening came when a therapist wrote something on a whiteboard that began unraveling his mental constructs and delusional thinking. “You can never outperform your self-image.”

Howard discovered psychedelic plant medicine and it changed everything. He discovered that this feeling of separateness and brokenness that lived in him was ubiquitous in recovery circles. Howard eventually came to know that this common wound is the result of our cultural dysfunction, not a personal failing. Howard is deeply passionate about helping people put down their suffering and live their most authentic life by stripping away all the dysfunction in our conditioned, patterned, indoctrinated, abused, mind-made self.

In 2022, Dr. Howard Lipp, inspired by his students, began Portal to Integration, an online monthly membership program that offers teachings, community support and engagement, and tools for Integration and awakening.