Integrating Psychedelics, Plants & Presence

Integrate Your Psychedelic & Plant Medicine Experience Into Daily Life
Deconstruct Your Mental Conditioning
Remember Who You Are

Guided by Ena Vie & Dr. Howard Lipp

Do you want to keep the gifts of the Psychedelic and plant medicine journey alive?
This course is for you!

Welcome to
Integrating Psychedelics, Plants & Presence

A 30-Day Online Course

Personal Message from
Ena Vie & Dr. Howard Lipp

Since we have been working with plant medicine, we have been passionate about the integration process. Without integrating the experience of healing and awakening, we will not receive the benefits of the deeper work and we will slide back into our old patterns of suffering. We know what it’s like to experience a deep awakening and then forget the truth of who we are. This 30-Day Integration Course was created to support you to deepen your experience with psychedelics and utilize the tools and awareness in your daily life so that you keep the connection with the truth of who you are alive and vibrant in each moment.

“Our passion with plant medicine is to assist participants from preparation into the journey, throughout the medicine experience and into the integration of plants and presence within their everyday life.”

In the 30-Day Course
“Integrating Psychedelics, Plants & Presence”
you are invited to:

Integrate your Psychedelic & Plant Medicine Experience

Take what you experienced - and more importantly what you learned from the experience - apply it to your daily practice and go deeper. Reconnect with the plants through the practice of awakening presence within.

Gain Tools to Support Your Process

Integrate the transcendent transpersonal experience into your daily practice. Become an observer of your mind. Engage with practices that help you stay with your experience, bring it into your body, and understand it in your life.

Deepen in Presence, Awaken to Who You Really Are

Experience moment-to-moment awakening of our thoughts, actions, words and observations. Deepen your practice with a weekly guided journey through the breath and observation of the mind.

Trust Yourself and Stay Connected with Your Essence

How do we trust our experience and our process of the psychedelic experience? How do we navigate our post-medicine journey life? With daily reminders, tools to support experience and unpack the old patterns. It’s time to go deeper, beyond the personality and identity to discover the essential connection to the truth of who and what we are.

Course Bonuses

Our Story:

We have been working with plant medicine and indigenous ways of knowing for over 20 years. Together, for the last 16 years, we have been working with plant medicine in a ceremonial context. We have walked through many iterations and practices of this work, and the plants continue to teach us that the power is actually inside everything, including us. Once we step out of the belief that we don’t have access, and we step into the moment, our access to Presence, as Presence, is instantaneous.

We have helped thousands of people through the introduction, preparation, plant medicine experience and integration process. When we discovered the healing power of plant medicine, we both stepped into the doorway to a deeper discovery of presence.

We are so passionate about the integrative process of plants and presence as it has lifted us both, and countless others, out of the deep well of suffering. We practice the tools daily that we share here, as they continue to illuminate our path in each moment. We are grateful for you, for your interest in deepening your work, and we invite you to join us in the practice of integrating presence with your plant medicine journey. In this group, we discover and remember that we are held in love and that we are the deep well of presence.

With love and gratitude – 

Ena Vie & Dr. Howard Lipp

“I was addicted to my thoughts and identified with them as who I am. The only way I could perceive the world was through my stories, patterns of trauma, and attachments to my thinking. The plants revealed those patterns and they showed me another way of being, another way of seeing. I discovered a way of deeper listening and being; I came to the realization that we all have what we need within.”

Ena Vie

The Inspiration for
“Integrating Psychedelics, Plants & Presence”

For the past 20 years of working with plant medicine, we have been passionate about integration. Why? Because we have found that if we don’t process the healing gifts of awakening that the plants reveal, we are missing out on the deeper aspects that the medicine journey offers. In some ways, it’s easier to go to another ceremony or have a psychedelic journey instead of processing and integrating what we received from our most recent engagement with plants. Integration is an integral part of working with entheogens and psychedelics. If we step over this piece of the process, we are missing out on a whole dimension that is available to us for our healing and awakening.

In the “Integrating Psychedelics, Plants & Presence 30-Day Online Course”, we have created an opportunity to focus on integrating plant medicine experiences and spiritual experiences into everyday life. It’s a course (and a community!) where we give permission to question everything we’ve been taught to believe. It’s a safe container where you can explore what you’re afraid of, what you don’t know, and what you want to know all through the lens of presence and present-moment awareness. The wisdom and teachings include the confluence of East/West spirituality, shamanism, sound healing, and awareness of the breath.

“The plants open the door for self-reflection and allow us to see into places that have been hidden from us, our shadows, our wounding, our trauma. We can face these aspects, release them, make peace with them, and become integrated and whole through that process.”

Dr. Howard Lipp

Join Howard & Ena
and dive more deeply into the gifts of the plants and the ceremony while gaining powerful tools to support you in your integration process into your daily life

Learn to Trust Yourself
to Process Your Experience

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Integrating Psychedelics, Plants & Presence
30-Day Online Course

Who is this course for?

People who are working with Psychedelics

Many students of psychedelics are looking to deepen their experience with the plant teachers long after the ceremony ends. This is an opportunity for those who want to deepen their insights and discover new tools to support their integration. In this course, you will learn to utilize the expansion of your experience to assist you in your healing while you gain new perspectives.

People Seeking to Nurture a Spiritual Connection to Life After Psychedelics & Plant Medicine

Are you seeking to nurture meaning and purpose in your life after experiencing more connection from plant medicine? Are you lacking connection to the world around you and within you? This course is a welcome oasis to those who are tired of being stuck in the cycle of seeking. The simple tools and accessible teachings are here for you to illuminate the path to integration after psychedelics.

Anyone Who Needs Support After A Psychedelic or Plant Medicine Journey

Life can often seem overwhelming, and our pain and struggles can feel like they are too powerful to overcome. Ena & Howard has walked a long road of deep emotional and mental suffering and brings to you, through this course, tools that they have learned and acquired from other guides and teachers to help you in your journey to awakening.

Practitioners, Healers, Therapists Working with Clients & Psychedelics

Many practitioners, healers and therapists who personally work with psychedelics and clients who work with them too, come to us often asking for more tools to integrate the potency of the work. And - those who give - also need a place to come and receive and replenish from the vast well of stillness. This course is for those who are personally integrating plant medicine as well as helping others integrate.

What People Are Saying

Ena Vie & Dr. Howard Lipp
Your Teachers on this Journey

For over 25 years, Ena and Howard have been on the path of healing, recovery and awakening. They have worked with psychedelics, traditional and nontraditional knowledge keepers to support their healing from addiction, depression, anxiety, and disconnection from life and their purpose.
Together for over 16 years, they’ve been making music and facilitating transpersonal, transformational retreats and workshops. After facilitating hundreds of experiences and engaging in thousands of conversations with participants before and after the experience, they discovered their purpose and truth to support those seeking their authentic self and inherent divinity. They do this through their in-person and online community, their music, speaking engagements, retreats, their non-profit and beyond.

Our work is to help others put down their suffering and discover their authentic self and their purpose. Daoism, Kabbalah, Shamanism, The Red Road, Plant Medicine and Presence helped guide us while discovering our authentic self. We share what we have learned from our path and from supporting countless people to transform their lives and awaken to the truth of their authentic self..”

Ena Vie has an MA in Indigenous Science, Dr. Howard Lipp received his Ph.D. in Metaphysics and Humanistic Science.