Healing & Ceremonial Music

to support You in your Integration with
Psychedelics & Consciousness

Music opens the door for me to connect to presence, source energy, and resonance. Sound has no attachment to personality. It has no story connected to it, no gender, no country, no skin color. It doesn’t annihilate all of that, yet it does show that we don’t stop at identity or personality. While this is an expression of nature, a beautiful, unique expression of nature that we all get to offer as our unique selves, awareness reveals that we don’t stop there. There’s an infinite amount available to us and when we open our minds to source energy and our hearts to the resonance of sound, we experience the vastness of the transcendent realm.

Ena Vie

The power of music to alter our state and change how we’re thinking and feeling and to bring us present is incomparable. I’ve not found anything else without ingesting something that has the power to do that like music and sound does.

Dr. Howard Lipp

About Our Music

Ena Vie is a singer/songwriter, guitarist, artist and producer. Born and raised in Laguna Beach, CA, Ena was infused with a deep connection to the elements, of which she seamlessly weaves throughout her music, art and life.  Through her many travels and deep within her personal healing journey, Ena continues to find inspiration through plant medicine, ancient wisdom, poetry, music, ceremony, the landscape of this planet along with the guidance of the elders, seen and unseen, and their medicine. A mystical storyteller, Ena’s lyrics are introspective and experiential as well as powerful and evocative. Her music reflects this mosaic of influences ranging from rock, pop and folk to indigenous beats, sacred and traditional chants and the music of the spheres.

Howard Lipp is an engineer, singer, songwriter, seasoned multi-instrumentalist and studio musician, producer, and engineer, going back to his high school days. Howard has been playing live in clubs, private shows and any kind of gig you can think of since the age of 12. Keyboard is his main instrument, but like many producers, he has picked up a lot of instruments along the way. From electric guitar and bass, to drums, indigenous flutes and other shamanic instruments due to his work with the plants. His music has been featured in numerous films and tv shows and he has contributed to countless artist’s finished records. He has studied sound as a vehicle for influencing the emotional and physical state through shamanic journey work, altered state experience, and through indigenous sound healing.

"We create music to share the power of our own experiences of healing,
to connect to the great mystery and to connect to our authentic nature.
We create sounds that come from the plants, the sounds of the earth and cosmos,
and the sounds of nature. These sounds invite us to return
to presence and to be present to who we truly are."

Ena Vie & Dr. Howard Lipp

Music to Support You on Your Journey