Ena Vie & Dr. Howard Lipp
Your Guides on this Journey

Ena Vie and Howard Lipp are experiential facilitators and teachers who are committed to living a life of wholeness. Their mission is to foster a safe and supportive environment for individuals to explore the integration of psychedelics and consciousness, cultivate self-awareness, and promote healing. They provide courses, content and a supportive community to facilitate the process of awakening in each moment. They are committed to creating a culture of respect, inclusion, compassion, healing and empowerment within this community and beyond.

Ena and Howard’s teachings blend a western approach to psychedelics with Eastern spiritual practices, mindful attention to our inner life, and a full, compassionate engagement with our purpose.

Their purpose is:

To honor family and community, to take care of the earth and all its inhabitants, to be true to our essence, to take responsibility for our actions and to have loving allowance for what is.

Ena and Howard created The Institute for the Integration of Psychedelics & Consciousness (TIIPC) which offers online courses on integration, consciousness, healing and compassion, as well as the Integration Coaching Certification Program (ICCP – Spring 2024) that supports therapists, practitioners as well as lay people to provide integration, wholeness, awakening and healing within the community and beyond. They offer a wise and caring approach to their teachings as they support the integration process of freeing ourselves and society from suffering.

In addition to numerous videos, and hundreds of recorded talks, Ena and Howard have also produced and recorded multiple music albums. They are currently working on their first book about Integration (Coming 2024).

Originally from California and New York, Ena and Howard Worldschool their beautiful son and enjoy engaging with and learning from him, their global community and life.

“Our work is to help others put down their suffering and discover their authentic self and their purpose. Daoism, Kabbalah, Shamanism, The Red Road, Plant Medicine and Presence helped guide us while discovering our authentic self. We share what we have learned from our path and from supporting countless people to transform their lives and awaken to the truth of their authentic self.”

Ena Vie & Dr. Howard Lipp

Our Approach

Find wholeness and live a more integrated and authentic life.

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About Ena Vie

Biography and Passion:

A lifelong mystic, musician and spiritual/shamanic guide, a producer, writer and mama to her 6 year old son, for over two decades, Ena has supported and empowered individuals and communities toward healing and thriving in service to life within us all. 

Ena is passionate about remembering and realizing who and what we are through the practice of awakening within each moment. She is equally as passionate about revealing the truth of what is, through the clarity of presence, radical compassion, transparency in sharing her own realizations and listening to the truth within herself and others in each moment.  

It is her joy to create a space that is welcoming, full of inquiry and permission to question everything we have been taught to think and believe. She does this by creating a container of loving allowance for what is, right now.