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Ena and Howard discovered that the source of our pain is our conditioning, our wounding from childhood. This is the root of our separation from source and the illness of our modern lifestyle. Our work is to heal the illusion of separation. Their purpose is to support those seeking their authentic self and inherent divinity. 

We have been exactly where you are right now- Lost in the jungle of our minds, confused, disconnected and suffering. We struggled through that jungle, so we know the way. You do not have to do it alone. We typically work with those who are members within the Keala Rafana Community. Let us support you as you find your way. We are here to help you discover your authentic self.

Remember Who You Are

Ena Vie and Howard Lipp

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*We are not psychotherapists, psychologists or doctors.

How the process works

Our one-on-one sessions are for people in our courses and community who need some extra support. Our process begins with learning techniques to examine the unexamined mind to see our conditioning into false belief systems. Then we take on the practice of noticing the masks of ego that we wear. The awareness that we cultivate will bring us closer and closer to presence. We learn to deconstruct and disempower the ego. This is a lifelong practice that accelerates over time and becomes easier.

If you wish to work with us use our contact form below to see if our work is a fit for you.

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Spiritual Guidance Session with Ena

Ena began unraveling her past 25 years ago. She has traveled the world in search of her healing and along the way received her master’s degree studying with Indigenous elders from various lineages. Her experiences with the Red Road were her initiation into the medicine way before meeting plant medicine. Her Master’s degree in Indigenous Science, and her work with Kabbalah, Taoism, Consciousness, and Shamanism healed her fundamentalist roots and struggles with depression. She holds a safe and deeply loving space for you to heal and remember your authentic self, your divine self – your true nature.

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Spiritual Guidance Session with Howard

Howard began unraveling his past in 1988. He traveled the world to work with and learn from shamanic teachers and healers from the four directions to find healing for his struggles with depression, anxiety, and alcohol and substance abuse. He embarked on a spiritual quest with plant medicine 20 years ago to heal his addictions. 

“I offer what I have experienced, in the last 60 years and all I have learned in the last 20 years supporting countless people in 12 Steps and Psychedelic experience preparation, journey, and integration, deep studies in The Dao, Kabbalah, Shamanism, and Presence. I found my gift. My gift is that I can take in Information, find patterns in it, and distill the wisdom there to share it in a way that is simple and intuitive. I will share with you the tools and techniques I have distilled into a simple to understand process and practice that will help you come to know the truth about addiction and about the mind- your mind, to find freedom. You will master these tools quickly.”


There is a beacon calling you home.

It is the song of your soul. 

Come listen with us a while.

We will help you hear the music.

The song of your essence,

the divine spark that’s you,

is the song that calls you home.

Keala Rafana

“What a liberation to realize that the “voice in my head” is not who I am.

Who am I then? The one who sees that.”

– Eckhart Tolle

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