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Portal To Recovery

Per Month

Portal To Recovery



If within 3o days you don’t love this work

you can get a full refund back no question asked.

Add Meditation and Supercharge Your Transformation

with the most powerful tool to assist the process

Portals To Presence

Per Month

Portals To Presence

Come join Ena and the tribe, for a Meditation & Breath Practice

Cultivate and awaken divine essence on the breath, grounding in the present moment.

If within 3o days you don’t love this work

you can get a full refund back no question asked.

What People Are Saying About Portals to Presence

  • This practice has shifted things for me during my day. It really has developed my whole day differently. Another thing I have loved, that at some point during the day I will hear something that Ena said from the lesson she gives us to take away, and it will give me pause to reflect, which is something I can never remember doing before. H.D.
  • I was gobsmacked by your words about abundance. Something about how it comes from within. It’s already here and already present. I have sought that outside of myself, especially during this pandemic. To learn that, to remember that abundance is already here, that is such a gift to hear. C.B.
  • It was a pleasure to simply be in your presence. Even over the screen, your appearance alone creates a strong field of energy. I enjoy the Meditation so much and it is changing my days for the better. I experienced more calmness, relaxation and gratitude, and they are present with me throughout the day. Thank you for all you do! I look forward to connecting more with you and the tribe. L.E.
  • I love this meditation group so much. During this whole COVID experience, I have been having a hard time slowing my mind down. I’ve been all over the place. Having this practice has helped me carry it through the day. I found that your suggestion of listening to the space between the words has really helped me slow down and listen fully to hear what is and is not being said. A.C.  
  • I've been a meditator for years and years, and recently been really off my game. I’ve had so much instruction from all these prominent psychologists, Buddhist Psychologists, Rinpoches, and this has been by far the deepest most amazing instruction I have ever received. A.R.
  • I don't even know where to start! These last two weeks have given me so much hope. I was in such a dark place. I now have a place where I can anchor it. A.

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If within 3o days you don’t find this forum valuable

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The greatest barrier to our authentic self is the conditioning in which we were raised that tells us we are not of divine origin and that some authority outside of us is in control.


Keala Rafana