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Portals To Presence

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Cultivate and awaken divine essence on the breath, grounding in the present moment.

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Meditation is conscious awareness in the moment. In meditation, we cultivate detachment while observing what is, in the now. As we ride the waves of the breath we watch and observe what arises in our minds, especially when we are triggered or emotionally reactive to circumstances of life. As we cultivate the practice of awareness, we detach from our addiction to incessant thinking, which perpetuates the patterns of fear, anxiety, attachment to our stories and identification with the false self. The mind becomes quieter and quieter. We feed the stories of the ego less and less. Presence is more accessible to us, which is the source of the fountain of life, springing forth within each one of us.

No matter how new or seasoned we are to the practice of meditation, when we are aware of inner stillness, presence, the energy of being, each moment is always new. When we return to the breath, we create more spaciousness within the mind for Presence to be the guiding light of wisdom.

To expand my life – I must pay attention to the present moment. If I want to evolve, deepen and grow, I must attune my breath, my awareness and my thoughts to the present moment. This is my greatest practice and discipline, to be in the now, attuned to the sacredness of the breath.

What is your vision for your life? 

What matters most to you? 

When I align awareness with the breath, I accept the invitation to be here, right now.  Presence is alive within the moment, as the moment is all we truly have. Everything else is a story of the past, or a conceptual story of the future.  

When I recognize the power that I have to trust in my core awareness, then I give myself the power to trust in life.

When I practice finding courage to make change – in my thoughts, my beliefs, my patterns – I can overcome the fear of letting go and give my attention to what is. All that I need is available to me right here and now. Can I give my attention to what is?

Most, if not all of us, have forgotten that we are divinity – let us awaken and light up to the truth that we are one with presence, with source, with all that is – and with each other!

Come join me in Portals to Presence, a Monthly Meditation Membership to cultivate and awaken our divine essence with awareness on the breath, the present moment and presence. 

  • Meditations will be offered 2x a week – M&F –  from 8:45 – 9:15am Pacific 
  • Sessions will begin with a brief exploration of principles of Presence
  • Recordings will be provided for those who may need to miss sessions
  • There will also be Q & A support sessions the last Friday of each month

I look forward to breathing together with you.

When I align awareness with the breath, I accept the invitation to be fully here, in the moment. Presence is alive within the moment, as the present moment is all we truly have. Everything else is a conceptual story of the past or the future. 

– Ena Vie

What People Are Saying About Portals to Presence

  • This practice has shifted things for me during my day. It really has developed my whole day differently. Another thing I have loved, that at some point during the day I will hear something that Ena said from the lesson she gives us to take away, and it will give me pause to reflect, which is something I can never remember doing before. H.D.
  • I was gobsmacked by your words about abundance. Something about how it comes from within. It’s already here and already present. I have sought that outside of myself, especially during this pandemic. To learn that, to remember that abundance is already here, that is such a gift to hear. C.B.
  • It was a pleasure to simply be in your presence. Even over the screen, your appearance alone creates a strong field of energy. I enjoy the Meditation so much and it is changing my days for the better. I experienced more calmness, relaxation and gratitude, and they are present with me throughout the day. Thank you for all you do! I look forward to connecting more with you and the tribe. L.E.
  • I love this meditation group so much. During this whole COVID experience, I have been having a hard time slowing my mind down. I’ve been all over the place. Having this practice has helped me carry it through the day. I found that your suggestion of listening to the space between the words has really helped me slow down and listen fully to hear what is and is not being said. A.C.  
  • I've been a meditator for years and years, and recently been really off my game. I’ve had so much instruction from all these prominent psychologists, Buddhist Psychologists, Rinpoches, and this has been by far the deepest most amazing instruction I have ever received. A.R.
  • I don't even know where to start! These last two weeks have given me so much hope. I was in such a dark place. I now have a place where I can anchor it. A.

The greatest barrier to our authentic self is the conditioning in which we were raised that tells us we are not of divine origin and that some authority outside of us is in control.


Keala Rafana