A true force to be reckoned with in World Fusion Music, Ena Vie and Howard Lipp are claiming their place as talented producers, musicians, songwriters, and ceremonialists. Driven to infuse their music with the sounds of nature and the songs of the plants  they invoke the presence of spirit and source. They intend to spread love, presence and healing through their music. 

Channeling divinity through resonant acoustic music, lead-vocalist, guitarist and songwriter Ena Vie is beautifully complemented by songwriter and producer Howard Lipp on keyboards, and instruments such as the Mayan Drone Flute and the Zapotec Wind Flute. Traversing multiple genres and traditions, this powerful music takes listeners on an immersive journey. The duo’s music is inspired by their entheogenic experiences with sacred ceremonies and nature. With a world class group of musicians including Jamie Papish on Daf and Dohola, Paul Peterson on electric guitars and Rene Jenkins on dino-bone ocarina and didgeridoo, Vie and Lipp’s music has been featured in numerous television productions and films and is distributed by the Orchard.. 

All set to release a refreshing new album titled ‘Sono Ceremonia’ on May 21st, 2021, the duo’s discography boasts singles and albums such as “Moonbeams and Starstreams” which released in 2020 and “Earth Prayer” which came out in 2011. 

Inspired by the likes of icons such as Peter Gabriel and Robbie Robertson and their seamless ability to connect rhythm and flow soulfully, the duo is driven to spur an inward retrospective journey through the sounds of nature, ceremony and music.

Be prepared for an altered state experience.

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    Indigenous women, girls, and two-spirit people are going missing or being murdered most often by non-Native people on Native land. Lack of communication and jurisdictional issues between state, local, federal, and tribal law enforcement, make it nearly impossible to begin the investigative process. These proceeds will go to help change that story.

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    100% of the proceeds of this song Mahk Jchi, as a single “name your price” purchase, or one dollar from our album, Sono Ceremonia, will go to support MMIWG2S in Canada and the US. MMIWG2S is a community-based grassroots movement raising awareness and addressing the lack of response when Native women, girls or two spirit goes missing or are murdered. You are not forgotten.