Mission, Purpose, and Vision

Our Mission is to awaken to our authentic self and remember who we were when we arrived on this planet as whole and complete emanations of the great mystery of God and to support our tribe to connect to their authentic self. Connection to the truth of what we are is the foundation for true fulfillment. 

Our Purpose as the Keala Rafana Temple of Sound and Source is to rekindle the connection that we all have at birth to source, to our authentic self, and all of life and release the stories of our culture, trauma, education, family of origin, beliefs, superstitions, rumors, and many other outside influences that hold us back from being our authentic self.

Our Vision is that we can grow beyond our beliefs, superstitions, and cultural separations we have created that divide us. If we learn to release these false divisions and welcome and celebrate each other, we might disagree without needing to create an enemy for disagreeing;  see each other as allies. We could re-envision technology so that it supports all of life and the environment. We would bring balance back to Earth if we recognize the sovereign right of all creatures to live on this planet and see all of life as sacred, precious, related, interdependent, and necessary for this incredible eco-system called planet Earth to flourish. We can create a high standard of living for all while honoring the ecosystem and all life. We can be guided by the essence of the all that is by becoming truly aware. The answers we seek lie within. 

Keala Rafana Temple of Sound and Source


Our true identity is simply this-

We are an emanation of the infinite consciousness of the great mystery of God expressed as a point of awareness operating a human form.

  1. We acknowledge that everything in essence is an emanation of the one divine consciousness we speak of as the great mystery of God. 
  2. We acknowledge that all of life is sacred, divine, interconnected, interdependent and necessary for the healthy balanced function of this living Earth and all life on it.
  3. We acknowledge that we are disconnected from our essence, from nature, and from each other and this disconnection is the cause of our suffering. 
  4. We acknowledge that we humans are all equal as one race with one common ancestry. 
  5. We recognize that all of life thrives when we are in balance with nature.
  6. We recognize that we are responsible for and capable of solving our human social and ecological problems. 
  7. We recognize the free will of all humans to make their own choices that do not adversely affect another’s free will. 
  8. We recognize that wholeness comes through connecting to our authentic self to grow beyond our limiting beliefs, awaken, and be whole.
  9. We recognize human awakening and the evolution of human consciousness are the way to transcend our suffering. 
March 15, 2020



Keala Rafana Temple Of Sound And Source

-Is A Metaphysical Ministry of Consciousness

The power of our community comes from its members, and we are grateful you chose to join us. Among our tribe we hope you will find a safe and expansive place to explore your connection to the great mystery, your authentic self and your divinity. There is so much to explore in a safe container where people share openly, freely and honestly. Here among our tribe you will find safety to share your authentic exploration of your self, your discoveries, challenges, fears and pain.  We pray, we sing, we cry, we laugh, we share our awakenings and we create the space to hear about other’s awakenings as well. It is our sincere hope that you discover your community here and 

Thank you for being here and for bringing your presence.

Keala Rafana means “the way of healing now”

From Keala in Hawaiian meaning  “the way”and Rafana in Hebrew/Aramaic meaning “healing now”
Hawaii and Hebrew hold special meaning for our founders


What is Metaphysics?

Metaphysics is the study of consciousness, existence, and reality, exploring the questions about who we are, where we came from, and how we fit in. It is a way of looking at the seen and unseen realms through present moment awareness that yields timeless wisdom teachings. These wisdom teachings have been around since the dawn of humanity. All theoretical study from astronomy to zoology is metaphysical in nature. Religion itself is metaphysical in nature, but metaphysics is more about how we view and seek to understand the Cosmos, rather than simply a religion of god. We see that which births all of creation as the energy of consciousness that science has discovered cloaked by physical form. We call that the great mystery of God. While we sometimes call this God, no definition of that Great Mystery can be offered in human terms. We see that this creative force is an abundant wellspring of giving as demonstrated by nature. We see that this creative force encourages balance, connection, interdependence, and interconnectedness of everything in existence as demonstrated by nature. Our connection to our essence as an emanation of that consciousness or divinity is uniquely personal. While no definition of that can be provided for you, we can walk together as you discover what it is for you. Our work is to remember who we were as whole and complete when we arrived here. So in that way the term religion, temple, ministry fits. The journey to see the conditioning that holds us back from our authentic self and our connection to our essence which emanates from the one can and should be explored in a community. In the physical form we cannot hope to know the totality of each other, however we can support each other to be our authentic self, and connect to the great mystery.


Why do we Suffer?

Each of us is born whole and complete, awake, conscious, and aware. Over time, the conditioning we receive through family beliefs, superstitions, and cultural conditioning creates conflict in us. We were not seen as whole and complete, validated, and acknowledged for who we are, we got the message that our true nature was unacceptable. In the light of this we created false selves, an ego to hide our authentic self. We suffer because we have not been seen, validated, or acknowledged as the emanation of divinity that we are. No one reflected back the truth of who and what we are. Instead we adapted to fit a mold not made for us. Unworthiness manifests in all kinds of self defeating and self limiting behavior. Once completely connected to source and divinity when we arrived, our conditioning pushes us further and further from our divinity by telling us it is outside of us. It is no wonder many of us came away from our upbringing with the belief that there is something fundamentally wrong with us and we don’t know who we are. Our work in the world is to wake up to this conditioning, heal our wounded child, and restore our connection to divinity.

What is god anyway?

All of life supports all of life by its very Nature, right down to the subatomic level. Everything in existence functions as a singular interdependent, interconnected organism.  Everything came from the same time and space; it is all therefore connected. The individual parts of everything in existence, from the subatomic level to the universal level operates and functions in balance. The balance of micro-organisms living in a macroscopic organism, like a human, is critical to its health. Virtually every living multicellular creature is a collection of creatures living in symbiosis with it. The creatures in an ecosystem operate to benefit the whole ecosystem, the whole organism. All of this operates according to simple rules on a grand scale. All of this was and is birthed by the great Mother Earth from the sunlight falling upon it. Nature is intentional. It is always moving us to recognize and experience connection and balance. Acting as separate is in opposition to this. When we only consider our own benefit as a family, a city, a nation, or a species without considering all of life; we cannot see the bigger picture. As a result we lose the connection, and the whole system suffers. Then, everyone and everything suffers. The great mystery as embodied in Nature is evolving everything and everyone to connect. We have disconnected ourselves from nature, forgotten who we are, forgotten our divinity, and lost our connection to the great mystery. You will know the great mystery for yourself once you realize that it is not out there! We see God as the energy of consciousness that exists underneath the veil of physical form.

How do we Remember who we are?

We remember who we are by relentlessly and doggedly deconstructing our conditioning into belief systems that are not true. Born into humanity one journeys into a world of varying degrees of unconsciousness. One layer to that unconsciousness is the complete ignore-ance of the reality of our divinity as emanations of pure source energy. 

Discovering or remembering our authentic self is a process of deconstructing our conditioning.

To begin, we learn to discern what is our conditioning and what is our authentic self. We like to say: If it isn’t love it isn’t me! If my thoughts are not loving or supportive I know they are coming from my conditioning and my wounding. Next we learn how to tap into our inner knowing through present moment awareness. We meditate, ground, and cultivate patience. Next we observe the mind, and practice deep inner listening. We do this so we can hear our authentic self.  Then we identify the fears and limiting beliefs our conditioning and wounding dictates. As a result, all forms of negative self-talk, fear and limiting beliefs begin to melt away in the light of truth, presence, and awareness. In this incredibly safe and nurturing container, there is opportunity for transformation. In this space we heal because we address the wounds and release the masks of ego. Through simple practices of breath we take on the personal work of revealing and acknowledging our authentic self. We pull the scabs off of our festering childhood wounds so they may properly heal. We become the parent to our own wounded self allowing us to grow. In the beginning, deconstructing and unwinding our conditioning is tricky. The ego, hiding the wounded one within, is clever. It is easy at first to be fooled by our masks of ego. In light of this, the work is well supported by a circle.

Can you relate to these reasons why people like you are here?

  • There are repeating patterns throughout my life.
  • I battle the same negative thoughts and limiting beliefs that I have battled forever.
  • I have tried self help books, retreats, psychedelics, and therapy. I still find myself drifting back into old patterns.
  • The pain of my past affects my life and relationships every day. I worry that my past will be my future and obsess about my past.
  • I have had some kind of an awakening.
  • I question beliefs and institutions I used to trust. It is shaking me to the core.
  • I came from deep fundamentalism and need a safe place to land outside of that. I can’t speak about this with my family, and my friends. I am questioning the very things they believe, there is no one I feel safe to speak to about it.
  • I need help unpacking and integrating my psychedelic experience into my life
  • I seek guidance and support to strengthen my inner wisdom and inner voice because I am weary of the feeling that everyone else knows something that I do not.
  • I’m lost and I don’t know where to begin to find out who I am,  I’m stuck and I’m suffering, lost in the jungle of my mind.

 If you can relate to their reasons for being here, this is a safe place to explore. Come and find the authentic you in our community.

We are born divine essence in human form. We are the infinite consciousness of the great mystery expressed as a point of awareness. Our upbringing causes a split between who we were told we were by the conditioning of our upbringing, and the truth of our divinity.

Keala Rafana is a place to reclaim your divinity.

Come Remember Who You Are.

Come Live Your Divinity!

Find Wholeness.




Find Wholeness and Remember Who You Are

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  • Connection
  • Consciousness
  • Ceremony

Our Core Values

  • integrity
  • truth
  • justice
  • service
  • sustainability
  • ecology
  • family
  • fun