Keala Rafana Temple of Sound and Source – What Is Our Struggle


Our struggle comes from our addiction to intellectualizing life, god, culture …et-al. There is nothing intellectual to pursue here. While it may not be comforting; know that the great mystery of God is.  We continue to judge, fight, kill, and die over our different understanding of this great mystery. We draw imaginary divisions between us and divide this great living breathing organism that supports all of life, while poisoning the entire ecosystem believing we have no responsibility to all of life. All of life is sacred and necessary. Earth and all of life suffers when any one life form gets out of balance. We are out of balance. 

We have created tremendous innovations with technology while completely destroying the ecosystem that supports us. We have no authentic connection to each other except where our national identity binds us to some extent, our racial identities on another level, our cultural identities, and probably most lastingly our religious connections bind us by belief. We have no connection to our food or where it comes from or how it’s grown. We have disappeared into our screens and minds, away from an authentic connection to the source of all life and to the nature of our existence and to each other. 

We have been trained to believe that religion has the answer to where we come from and where we are going but in effect has created a problem where none existed and named itself as the solution to that problem. We have been told we have been given responsibility for this world, while simultaneously disconnecting from life. We pray to an invisible God while completely ignoring the evidence of God in nature as we destroy it.