The Current Challenges

We could do a lot to improve things on Earth. We are at odds with nature, destroying the natural world and ourselves through consumption and use of technology and resources that harm the planet, and all of life. We are divided by invisible walls that we defend to the death. While society continues to suffer from seeming insanity at times, the truth is simple. It is unconsciousness. We are addicted to our thinking and we do not question beliefs. We need to get outside our normal way of thinking in order to find solutions to our greatest challenges as people. Presence is the foundation of our work and unwinding our misguided beliefs is our practice to become fully present in the moment…NOW, to connect to the great mystery of God. We see that culture, trauma, education, family of origin, beliefs, superstitions, rumors, and many other outside influences created our false understanding and separated us from the truth of our authentic nature. We recognize that we do not need to be afraid to question everything we believe is true. We can stop assuming everything we think is true just because we thought it, someone else said it, heard it, or wrote it. Our race, religion, nationality, education, income, assets, children, looks, significant other, and fame, are some of the ways we have separated ourselves into little tribes of belief.

It has divided us. 

  • These divisions are our creation.
  • These divisions are not based on provable, incontrovertible, verifiable evidence or facts and therefore are not true. This makes them beliefs.
  • These divisions are hurting all of us and all of life.