Mission, Purpose, and Vision

Our Mission is to awaken to our authentic self and remember who we were when we arrived on this planet as whole and complete emanations of the great mystery of God and to support our tribe to connect to their authentic self. Connection to the truth of what we are is the foundation for true fulfillment. 

Our Purpose as the Keala Rafana Temple of Sound and Source is to rekindle the connection that we all have at birth to source, to our authentic self, and all of life and release the stories of our culture, trauma, education, family of origin, beliefs, superstitions, rumors, and many other outside influences that hold us back from being our authentic self.

Our Vision is that we can grow beyond our beliefs, superstitions, and cultural separations we have created that divide us. If we learn to release these false divisions and welcome and celebrate each other, we might disagree without needing to create an enemy for disagreeing;  see each other as allies. We could re-envision technology so that it supports all of life and the environment. We would bring balance back to Earth if we recognize the sovereign right of all creatures to live on this planet and see all of life as sacred, precious, related, interdependent, and necessary for this incredible eco-system called planet Earth to flourish. We can create a high standard of living for all while honoring the ecosystem and all life. We can be guided by the essence of the all that is by becoming truly aware. The answers we seek lie within.