Keala Rafana Temple of Sound and Source – What Is the Source

The source is the consciousness or energy that science has found underneath everything in existence. Science has afforded us the ability to see what is really underneath everything in existence. All that science has found is energy. We see that and experience that energy as the one consciousness, the great mystery called God. By observing nature you can know something about the source. If you watch nature you see a completely balanced, interconnected, and interdependent system that births everything out of this earth from the sunlight streaming down. This source is the energy underlying everything. It is an abundant wellspring of giving. The source is the force of nature driving nature. Its true nature is hidden in this world but visible through the presence of life, and the existence of consciousness. Through observing nature it is easy to see this simple truth. The human is one species to become self aware. We know that the evolution of humankind is that the one consciousness underneath it all becomes self aware through human awakening.

Western religion has always tried to tell us that God was somehow outside and separate from us. God is up there, out there somewhere always watching, always judging. You live your life under this heaviness of what comes after. Living today for tomorrow, yet it never is tomorrow. The search for a God you can connect to, was only in a book through some intermediary, secret code, society or group. Only a few had the secret access code to connect to God to hear the great mystery. That has never been the truth around the world. At least half the world believes in a much more ancient knowledge that Kabbalah and many eastern philosophies and theologies knew  “We are the essence of the great mystery as expressed through a point of awareness. We are thoughtless awareness – consciousness.” The universe is conscious. We are an emanation of that consciousness, that divinity. 

Science has helped us in the pursuit of knowing the great mystery by figuring out how things work. Our science in its unstoppable pursuit of knowledge through the “scientific method” of experimentation and observation has caused us as humans to release old beliefs. However science has also caused us to see that underneath it all, there are simple rules by which all of this physical existence is here. And yet when we look deeply we can only find energy.

Before the big bang, what was there? Underneath the subatomic world into the quantum world, what is all of this?  Energy…somehow condensed into solid matter that allows us to experience physical reality. Many different traditions have served up a host of fantastic, complicated, and mythological explanations, but no facts and nothing provable. Yet we all cling to our creation stories like survivors of a shipwreck holding onto the metal parts of a sinking ship and allowing ourselves to drown rather than let go and float in the ocean. We continue to fall prey to addictions, especially addiction to our thinking to feel better when the rules we were given about life fail to make us happy. We pursue enormous amounts of stuff to give us some relief from the tortures of a mind which is trying to make sense of this world while doing so with the wrong map for getting there. We are dying every day a little bit,  living for tomorrow while skipping straight past this moment waiting to experience the next thing and the next thing. We look for some experience that will somehow heal us without ever knowing the truth that we were whole and complete when we arrived. 

We come to know that we are conscious thoughtless awareness having a human experience. 

The stillness that comes from this knowing brings a peace that passes all understanding.