Keala Rafana Temple of Sound and Source


Our true identity is simply this-

We are an emanation of the infinite consciousness of the great mystery of God expressed as a point of awareness operating a human form.

  1. We acknowledge that everything in essence is an emanation of the one divine consciousness we speak of as the great mystery of God. 
  2. We acknowledge that all of life is sacred, divine, interconnected, interdependent and necessary for the healthy balanced function of this living Earth and all life on it.
  3. We acknowledge that we are disconnected from our essence, from nature, and from each other and this disconnection is the cause of our suffering. 
  4. We acknowledge that we humans are all equal as one race with one common ancestry. 
  5. We recognize that all of life thrives when we are in balance with nature.
  6. We recognize that we are responsible for and capable of solving our human social and ecological problems. 
  7. We recognize the free will of all humans to make their own choices that do not adversely affect another’s free will. 
  8. We recognize that wholeness comes through connecting to our authentic self to grow beyond our limiting beliefs, awaken, and be whole.
  9. We recognize human awakening and the evolution of human consciousness are the way to transcend our suffering.