This is a sacred moment 

There is lots to be unsettled about since the arrival of the coronavirus. One thing is certain, we are all going through this at the same time but not together. I see people being kinder and connecting more now that we have to stay 6 feet apart. That is beautiful. We will have time to hug each other again and gather again in time. Right now is a time to pay attention. It is a time for introspection and observation.

To say that the rat race we were running for excessive consumption, materialistic status and exploitative power has come to a standstill is an understatement. Perhaps we will be able to see that this system we have been operating in functions by dominating others. The system seeks profit at the expense of others. We support the social structures that support this race. We are accustomed to looking through an ego-ic filter. It is after all, all about me. No wonder it is hard to see the positive impact of the restrictions to our lives that the coronavirus has brought.

Our country is getting slammed on all sides by an onslaught of glaring examples of how out of balance and how out of touch we are with life. We are racially confused thinking one color is better than another. We are seeing how money gets away with murder. We are seeing that politicians never give a second though to the constituency,  how rampant capitalism and profit no matter the cost to the consumer

Coronavirus is giving us an opportunity

Nature functions as a singular interdependent, interconnected organism. and acts to benefit the whole. Mother nature is intentional and encourages and fosters connection and balance. As individuals, if we only consider who and what we desire for our own benefit and comfort; If we are only in this for ourselves or our clan;  We cannot see the bigger picture. We lose the connection to the whole and the whole suffers. The innate quality of nature to foster connection heals any separation that arises.

If we step back and view humanity as one creature, we might see that the coronavirus has come as a kind of medicine to heal the body. It has come as a remedy for the egoistic, consumeristic, and materialistic addiction of some of its parts… humans. There is no negative in nature. What we perceive as negative is due to our opposition to the completely interconnected and interdependent way that nature is intending us to live. The human part of the Organism of Earth is out of balance with the rest. When the body is out of balance it needs to restore balance. When ill, sometimes it needs medicine.

If we view the coronavirus as medicine—we will see this as an opportunity to connect and realize our global interdependence in a mutually beneficial way. We will be able to create a sustainable, abundant, happy, and healthy world for all life.

In the beginning it might be difficult to overcome the divisions we have created between us. They seem important, real, necessary, and vital for our safety. They are deep, old, and we are afraid to let them go. If we help and support each other, we will have what it takes to transition into a sustainable, balanced, and harmonious world.

“Shall I tell you what I find beautiful about you? You are at your very best when things are worst. “ – Starman

What do we do Now

What are we to make of this new threat to humanity? We have been ordered to take shelter and only essential services will be available for who knows how long. We are frightened. Who will get sick? Who will die? How long will I be out of work? Is this the end of our economy and our way of life? I don’t trust the origin of this illness, is it man made? Is there some shadow organization that has the power and ability to create a bio-weapon to thin the herd. I mean is this some Eugenics plan created knowing that the most crowded places would take the biggest hit. The oldest would be hardest hit? Did the United States do this to China over the trade war?

Is Nature/Great Mystery starting to thin the herd because we have not seen the errors in our way of life?

This time is a deep ceremony. An immersion. We are all facing so many different shadow aspects as the medicine of this time is driving fear to the surface. We are seeing so much of what is not working in our system. Our government has not done its job. The government’s job is to protect the citizens and to create and foster prosperity for the governed.

We as a people have been blindly toxifying this planet with impunity until recently without a care or concern. Now we have polluted everything and we wonder why nature is responding harshly.

If we survive our immaturity and selfishness as a species, Eventually we will be confronted by the inevitable understanding that I am part of the whole of all existence.. All of which is governed by nature (Kabbalah 101) I am intimately related to all of the parts, which are made of the same things as me. Everything in this existence of the multiverse originated in some point of origin about 14 billion years ago. At that time everything in existence was smashed together in an incredibly small place. Everything is connected at the subatomic level to everything else.

Interdependent and interrelated.

Should I be dissatisfied with the current events going on with the whole? I am connected to the whole. Maybe I can see this as nature doing what it must do. Nature always moves towards balance. It is how this physical world operates. Anything out of balance will eventually be brought into balance. We eventually become aware of our unity with the whole because it’s inescapable unless we are completely invested in a belief system that teaches us otherwise on a daily basis. The awareness is wired into us because we are connected to all that is.

We can try as hard as we can to believe we are separate from the whole, but it causes suffering. Can we and will we wake up?