Integrating Ceremony and Consciousness

We Are A Couple (Plus One) And A Community

We are Keala Rafana Temple of Sound and Source. Founded by Ena and Howard who have been helping people find wholeness and their authentic self in the integration of their ceremonial experiences. We bring all we have learned on our journey to find the truth of our authentic self, and all we learned supporting and guiding countless others to discover their authentic self.

Our mission is to help people awaken to the truth of their authentic nature, to let go of their mental suffering, and find wholeness. 

Awaken to your purpose and truth:

Let go of your mental suffering

Remember the radiant being that you are.

Our community is here for you

What Is Our Suffering?

We were born whole and complete. Our conditioning from culture, education, religion, superstition, and family of origin gave us the message that we were unacceptable as is and that we needed something outside of us to make us more than we were when we arrived. We were told that our money, career, education, gender, where we lived, or how we looked to name a few, would all be ways that our worth could be measured. When we achieved these things it would make us more, or complete us somehow. We chased these things in order to make our unacceptable self acceptable. We were not seen, validated, or acknowledged for the truth of our authentic self.

In order to hide our unacceptable authentic self we created false selves to hide behind called the ego. Each mask or false identity reflects one way in which our authentic nature was unacceptable and one way we adapted to hide it. This fit what our family and culture taught us, and these masks protected our childhood wounds; but this role was not made for us. And we suffer.


What Is Underneath It All Is Simply This

We believe that our thinking mind is us, that every thought is ours, and those thoughts define us. No wonder we feel overwhelmed and out of control most of the time. It’s hard work hiding and protecting all that pain, especially when our mind torments us with negative self talk and limiting beliefs that reflect all of the ways we felt unacceptable, continuing the cycle of negative self talk, pain and limiting beliefs.

As a result we face all kinds of addictions, repeating patterns of self sabotaging behavior, and limiting beliefs.

We have forgotten who we are.

Come remember…Wholeness awaits 

Silhouette of depressive man behind matted glass. In B/W

Stop the Cycle of Suffering

let go of your mind made self

Be Recovered

Awakening is a Breath Away

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    “You are a divine being. You matter, you count. You come from realms of unimaginable power and light, and you will return to those realms.”

    – Terence McKenna

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    Indigenous women, girls, and two-spirit people are going missing or being murdered most often by non-Native people on Native land. Lack of communication and jurisdictional issues between state, local, federal, and tribal law enforcement, make it nearly impossible to begin the investigative process. These proceeds will go to help change that story.

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